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The Terrain Park at Varingskollen

Varingskollen = Park!

Varingskollen Terrain Park is among the best in Norway, about which we are very proud! Here everyone, from small children and total beginners to advanced visitors and even professionals on the national team, can practise and challenge themselves at their own level.
Varingskollen wants to have a ‘living’ park where we alter and adapt the park throughout the season. We prioritise highly the park, and the park manager is totally devoted to maintaining a high standard in the park, in terms of both safety and available challenges.

The park is divided into a blue park (Trollparken) and a red park (Terrengparken). The blue park is suitable for beginners, and the red park is designed for more advanced users.

The Blue Park
In Trollparken you will find the blue park, which is excellent for beginners and younger children, with a 550m long course of small jumps and rails/boxes. Here you can practise your skills and train up towards eventually moving over to the red park! New this season is better lighting in the park, where we will set up additional floodlights on the lift side of the park. We have also ordered several new rails. It’s going to be exciting, and we’re looking forward to it!

The Red Park

Terrengparken in Varingskollen is 550m long and our goal is to fill it with as many ‘red’ elements as possible. Here you will find more than 20 elements including big jumps, fun and challenging rails and lots of opportunity for creativity. There is a special lift (a T-bar), and you can watch and be inspired by everyone else’s tricks in the park all the way up. 
Check out the gallery to see photos from previous seasons!

Whether you like the blue or the red park best, it’s always fun to be here!

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